Become a Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner
Thank you for showing interest in our Spinal Flow Certification Program. We are currently taking applications and would love to know a little bit more about you. 
The Spinal Flow Certification Program is a Powerful and Comprehensive Professional Training Where You Will Receive Everything You Need To Become A Confident and Successful Practitioner. It’s a healing journey with discovery and transformation on every level.

This immersive program, taught by Dr. Carli Axford, bridges the gap between science and metaphysical healing—transforming yourself and your healing practice from the inside out. You’ll learn to read, diagnose and alleviate stress, pain, anxiety and depression—giving others the gift of a happy life.

Become a Confident and Powerful Healer
What Will I Gain?
So much! Really, it transcends words.
But for a start: Your entire world will shift.
During this course you will:
  • Understand the nervous system, the master controller of the body—which is the key to helping people feel better and be free from symptoms.
  • ​Emerge as the most successful version of yourself– however that looks to you.
  • ​Possess a complete tool set so you have no other option but to become outstanding.
  • ​Uncover your hidden talents and passions and know how to implement them.
  • ​Grasp the ‘business’ part of running a healing practice.
  • ​Build a profitable, transformative and sustainable business.
  • ​Be a trained Spinal Flow Practitioner– I have people emailing me all the time asking for referrals, you’ll be one of them!
  • ​May be invited to work and be paid as a healer on my retreats.
The Spinal Flow Technique has given me a tool to tap into who I really am. I now have an ability to instantly connect to myself, others and ultimately to all that is.

— Bettina, Intuitive Healer
We have forgotten that our body can heal itself. The Spinal Flow Technique gives the tools, the knowledge and experience to heal your body.

Since I began my work with SFT I now look with different eyes to my own and other people’s bodies. I see the wisdom in our bodies, just trying to tell us what is no longer working for us.
Now, instead of getting cross because my body doesn’t function in the way I want it, or I was used to, I listen what she has to tell me.

— Mirjam Derksen, Scholar
I had been looking for a mentor and a course to continue my studies in holistic health and Dr Carli’s Spinal Flow Certification has exceeded my expectations. 

I love that this modality combines solid science with beautiful spirituality in a proven transformational program.

— Kendall Hayes, Founder of Iku Health Foods
The Spinal Flow Technique has enabled my body to heal on a very profound level. It is the most effective healing method I have encountered over the past 20 years.

The reason this simple yet profound method is so effective is because it reconnects your brain to your heart. Once you start to reconnect and surrender to your body again, healing happens almost instantly and effortlessly.

Using The Spinal Flow Technique as a healing tool has greatly empowered me as a healer.

It has deepened my own healing journey in many ways. I feel more peaceful, connected to my own body and the people around me, It has enabled me to live more from my heart and passions. My headaches are completely gone and I feel more centred and grounded.

— Dr. Jyoti Fehres, Chiropractor
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